Spy Island Guide

When you land on the island, you will be on Main Street. Go left, and enter the building labelled Headquarters. Jump onto the ramp to the right and keep going right, then jump on the ledge striped with black and yellow, then to the right and onto the floating ledges until you’re on the same ledge as a poptropican with grey hair. Talk to him, and he will tell you your mission and give you a Decoder Kit. Go back outside.

Jump above the door of Headquarters, and keep making your way all the way onto the roof. All the way to the right on the roof will be a poptropican in a low crouch. Click on him, and he will give you a message to decode. The decoded message should result in this:


Close out of the decoder and get off of the roof of Headquarters. Go right and enter the building labelled Spyglass Eyewear. Go left and talk to a poptropican in a lab coat. Click on him and ask for an eye exam. According to the message, whenever he points to a symbol, you should pick the one that faces the opposite direction. After the eye exam, he will recognize that you are an agent. Go back outside, climb the ladder to the left, and there will be a door at the top.  Enter through it. Once inside, go left and talk to Dr. Spyglass. He will give you the Chameleon Suit, where if you put it on, no one will be able to see you unless you’re moving. Exit the room above Spyglass Eyewear and put the Chameleon Suit on.

Go left, to the docks. There will be a poptropican in a trashcan. Click on him, and he will give you a message to decode. The message will turn out as “There’s a secret entrance to the warehouse on the roof.” Go left, and jump onto the ledge above you. Jump onto the stack of boxes, then onto the next ledge. Keep going until you’re on the roof and look out for B.A.D. agents. Once on the roof, go left and fall onto the next roof. Go left more and there will be a cluster of B.A.D. agents that you will have to be careful not to make contact with. Enter the door and you will go inside the warehouse. Once inside, there will be three rows of dogs that you will need to get past the same way as the B.A.D. agents.


Once you get past the dogs, jump down onto a ledge just below you and from there to the left onto a ledge right under the light. Use the ledges to make your way to the left of the warehouse until you get the the top entrance of a vault. Go down into the vault and there will be a tied up agent on the ground. Click on him, and he will give you a Laser Pen and a Satellite Clue. Jump back out of the vault and exit the warehouse through the normal door. Go back to Main Street.

Go right, to Balding Avenue. Go right and there will be a poptropican hiding in some bushes. Click on him, and he will give you a message to decode. The message will translate to “There’s a top B.A.D. agent in the Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center you’ll need his fingerprint.” Go right and enter the B.A.D. Bistro. Once you do, you will be stripped of your spy gear. Go right, into the kitchen, and talk to the chef. Tell him you’d like to apply for the job, and he will have you play a memory game where you repeat patterns by clicking on cooking ingredients in the same order as the chef taps them with his spoon. Once you win the game, he will give you a chef’s hat.


Go left and talk to the B.A.D. agent with a mustache. He will give you his cup to fill, which will have a fingerprint on it. Go back to the kitchen and jump on top of the refrigerator. Then, jump onto the shelf with spaghetti noodles on it and into the vents. Follow the vents and jump onto the light, then onto the next light. Keep jumping from light to light until you get to the far left of the bistro. Go right and exit through the door. Go right, and click on the next poptropican hiding in the bushes. They will give you File X. Keep going right, to Toupee Terrace.

Go right, and there will be a message scratched on the wall, telling you to read File X vertically. When looking at it from that perspective, it says “Don’t trust Director D.” Keep going right, watching out for the laser at the door. There will be a red building that you will need to climb up by jumping on the windowsills. The windows have lasers that will knock you off, so be careful. Keep jumping everywhere that there is windows until you arrive at a window that’s blocked by bars. Click on the window, and you will cut it with the laser pen. Go inside. One of the missing agents will be inside.


He will give you a Grappling Bowtie and another part of the Satellite Clues. Exit the attic and go back to Balding Avenue. Jump onto the thing that the camouflaged agent is kneeling in, and then jump onto the streetlamp. Jump onto the next building over, and keep going left to the end of the building. Put on your chameleon suit and your grappling bowtie, and aim the bowtie at the center of the tan building behind the one you’re on so that in lands on a grey platform. Jump to follow the bowtie, and keep trying to land on the platform until you do. Jump up the platforms to the very top of the building. Aim your bowtie to the upper right of you. You should land on top of another tan building. Go up the grey platforms to the rooftops.

Jump onto the highest platform and aim your bowtie to the middle left. You should land on a long silver platform with a B.A.D. agent patrolling it. Walk to the left end of the platform and aim your bowtie to the upper left until it connects with an antenna. From the satellite, use your grappling bowtie to go to the antenna of the other building, to the right. You should land on the roof of a greenhouse. Enter the large pipe to the right.


Once inside the greenhouse, go all the way right. If you want, you can take off your chameleon suit and bowtie. Click on the cherry bomb hanging from the cherry bomb tree. It will fall, and you will need to push it onto the green flower too the left.  The flower will launch the cherry bomb onto another platform. Get to the cherry bomb, and push it to the left, off of the platform. It will fall just barely onto the low platform below it. Push it left, onto another flower. It will be launched to the high platform to the right, and you will need to push it in front of the cage that the third missing agent is being held in. The cherry bomb will explode, and the agent will be free. She will give you Ultra Vision Goggles and the last Satellite Clue.

Exit the greenhouse and go back down to Balding Avenue. Go right, to Toupee Terrace, and keep going right, to the B.A.D. Control Center. Put on your ultra vision goggles. Go right, pausing every so often when the lasers are on. Toward the very right will be a pipe. Jump on the pipe, then onto the low roof of the building. Go left and down, onto the roof below you. There will be a sliding platform that you will need to ride up. Once you’re all the way up, go left and use the next sliding platforms to get to this area:


Click on the door, and move the cup so that the fingerprint is in the middle of the circle and click. Go right and jump on the lowest platform. Then onto the middle one, and onto the highest one. It’s difficult, but not impossible! Once all the way up, click on the computer. A cage will slide down from the ceiling around you, and Director D. will walk in and set you free, asking you to get the teleporter to work. Click on your inventory and examine the satellite clues. Line them up one on top of the other, and they will reaveal: “Passcode 1: Laser; 2: Hair; 3: Removal.” Enter these passcodes in the computer one at a time.

Director D. will give an evil-sounding laugh, and go through the teleporter. Follow him, and you will be in the B.A.D. satellite. Director D. will also reveal to you that he is, in fact, the leader of B.A.D! A mini-bot will come out of a hole in the wall, coming after you. Go right, onto a platform with a yellow orb on it. This will be a good time to put on your grappling bowtie again. The mini-bot will try to shock you, but instead its plug will come in contact with the yellow orb and the mini-bot will vaporize. Three more mini-bots will come, each one after the other has vaporized. There is one platform for each mini-bot, one more on the floor to the left, and two floating in the air on the left and right side. Once you’ve vaporized all of the mini-bots, Director D. will take matters into his own hands.


If you are already on one of the higher platforms, you shouldn’t have to worry. If you aren’t on one, make your way onto one using your grappling bowtie. Once he is directly above you, jump up and down, making him smash into the ceiling. Eventually you’ll break his machine, and he will give up.

You and Director D. will be transported back to Headquarters, where he will have been locked up. You are now the director of Secret Operations, and the secretary will present you with your medallion.

Congratulations! You have now completed Spy Island. You may replay it any time by clicking on the map in the corner of your screen and clicking “Restart Island.”

Guide written by Lone Rider.


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