Island Resources


This page features resources intended to help you and other poptropicans in their quest across the many unique islands of Poptropica.

Early Poptropica Island


Guide -:- Tour

Welcome to the very first Poptropica island. The earliest inhabitants’ things have been stolen, and it’s your job to get them back! In this classic island you’ll bargain with a giant, fly on jet packs, and narrowly avoid being bitten by spiders, all to make sure that the people on the island have something to eat and drink and know when to come to shore.

 Shark Tooth Island


Guide -:- Tour

A little boy and a prestigious professor have been stranded on an island, unable to get home due to a deadly shark. It’s up to you to get them home by exploring temples, brewing potions, and swimming across shark-ridden waters in this off-the-deep-end adventure.

 Time Tangled Island


Guide -:- Tour

A time machine has recently malfunctioned, and the impact is horrendous. It’s your job to set the past straight in order to repair the future, because this island is one for the history books.

24 Carrot Island


Guide -:- Tour -:- Dr. Hare Craft -:- Rabbot Craft

The poptropicans of 24 Carrot Island have gone past the brink of despair, because due to an unknown cause, their main export, carrots, have suddenly started disappearing! In this quest to save the town, you’ll make your way past tricky obstacles and free innocent mind-controlled poptropicans from the grip of Poptropica’s very first true villain, the infamous Dr. Hare.

Super Power Island


Guide -:- Tour

The citizens of Super Power Island are in danger; a radioactive meteor has crashed into the county prison, and now mutated prisoners with all new superpowers run free! This island needs a hero, so grab a cape and a Superhero ID Card and save the innocent people of Super Power Island.

Spy Island


Guide -:- Tour -:- Decoder Kit Printout

The hair of Spy Island’s inhabitants is in danger from B.A.D., the Bald and Dangerous group. It’s your job to stop their heinous plans of vaporizing the hair of every poptropican from becoming reality with the use of high-tech gadgets and sheer skill. But beware; there is a traitor in your midst.

Nabooti Island


Guide -:- Tour -:- Book

The Nabooti African Museum is looking for an adventurer to recover the lost jewels of Nabooti, and they want you. In your quest to discover the secrets of Nabooti, you’ll photograph wild animals, dally with gravediggers, deal with dangerous explosives, and barter with ghosts.

Big Nate Island


Guide -:- Tour

In this adventure, you’ll partake in a complex adventure unlike any other Poptropica has seen to save a beaten up school from closing down.

Astro-Knights Island


Guide -:- Tour -:- Book

Explore the only technically advanced medieval kingdom, Arturus, and the far reaches of space to find a missing princess, battle vicious cyborg animals, and expose a corrupted, power-hungry poptropican originally seen as a visionary.

Counterfeit Island


Guide -:- Tour

Step inside the world of Counterfeit Island, where the natives value their art above all else. The beautiful, famous, and historical art is in danger of being stolen by the infamous Black Widow, and it’s on you to stop her before it gets too late.

Reality TV Island


Coming Soon!



Haunted House-Get from the store


If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please comment below. We hope you found these guides helpful.


4 Responses to Island Resources

  1. Trusty Biker says:

    If you want any of Poptropica Inside and Out’s guides, contact me at trustybiker(AT)gmail(DOT)com! We currently have the first two PoptropiCon, and the first two Arabian Nights. We also have Galactic Hot Dogs, Monster Carnival, Shrink Ray, and Early Poptropica!
    Let me know if you need any help, and though I can’t accept an invitation to join your blog (I’m already working on tons of blogs), I can send stuff into you 😀


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