Blog Policies

The following is established on this blog in order to keep all viewers as safe as possible. The policies listed are subject to change at any time, so please check back often. Anything seen that is disregarding will be dealt with depending on the severity of the offense.

Comment Policy

  1. Be respectful. This means do not call anyone else names, do not make fun of anyone else, and do not spread hurtful rumors and lies (This includes but is not limited to: Poptropica creators, popular members of the Poptropica community, and other people commenting on the pages and posts of this blog).
  2. Do not spam. Spam includes comments that are made up entirely out of emojis ( i.e. 🙂 , 😛 ), comments that are just jibberish (like idhbfbuyfvbbfvuy), random words with no sequential order, and self-promotion (“Guys come check out my blog!!”).
  3. Stay on topic. This goes for both the entire blog and individual pages and posts. For the blog, please stay on the topic of Poptropica (unless there is a clear exception), seeing as this is a Poptropica blog. For individual pages and posts, stick to what the page/post is about (like if the post is about Dr. Hare, don’t talk about Black Widow).
  4. Keep it G-rated. This blog is meant for everyone. Therefore, we try to keep it safe for everyone. So, no inappropriate language or implications.
  5. Do not reveal any personal information. This includes information about yourself and others. As mentioned before, this blog needs to be safe. Do not put your (or anyone else’s) name, address, email, phone number or school in the comments.

Authors’ Policy

  1. Don’t post anything that is irrelevant to the blog.
  2. Don’t make any important decisions about this blog before checking with Lone Rider first.
  3. All of the rules listed in the comment policy also apply to you and what you publish.
  4. You may ask to be come an author by including your experience with Poptropica and why you think you should in a comment on this page. Asking to become an author means I will consider you, but there are no guarantees. I will choose you based on what you write in your comment, how active you are in the Poptropica community and on this blog, and how consistently you follow these policies.
  5. If someone else has already posted about something, don’t post about the exact same thing.

Please follow these guidelines accordingly. If you fail to do so, you may be given a warning, your comment may be deleted, or you may be banned from commenting altogether. Thank you.


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