Probably the last post here.

So, five months ago (according to WordPress), I made a post saying I was back. Since then, I haven’t been active until this moment. Nice going, me. Anyway, I feel like I should say some things. From the about page, you know my history, not me, really. I go by Mel. I’m genderfluid and I use they/them pronouns. Some of the people I used to know here knew me by my deadname, from before I identified as genderfluid.  I’ve moved on from Poptropica, but I got my six year old cousin Wyatt into it and he plays it with me whenever I visit him (pretty much every weekend). So the magic of the growing world has not quite been lost on me yet. While I seem to have disappeared off of the face of the earth here, I’m very active on other corners of the internet. I run a sims blog on tumblr, a simblr if you will (, where I post the stories of the sims I create. Sounds lame, I know, but I really put a lot of effort into it. And if you want to see my dumb speech patterns, you can check me out on Twitter @skimmelk. Be warned, I swear a little bit. A lotta bit. Kinda sorta. Yeah.

As the title states, this is probably the last you’ll hear of me on WordPress or in the Poptropica community. It’s been fun, and Wolfy, I hope you see this.


About Lone Rider

I am Lone Rider, formerly known as Perfect Dolphin. I have worked on several other blogs before, but due to lack of responsibility and enthusiasm on my part, Poptropican Aid is the only blog I run now. I'm perfectly content with that.
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