I’m Back

I suppose I have some explaining to do, but there’s not much to say, I don’t think. I basically went on an unplanned hiatus that’s gone on for way too long because of schoolwork, but now I’m back and I will be adding more and more to Poptropican Aid in the upcoming months as best as I can. I’m truly sorry for leaving for so long without a warning, but there’s no need to worry now, because, as the title says, I’m back.


About Lone Rider

I am Lone Rider, formerly known as Perfect Dolphin. I have worked on several other blogs before, but due to lack of responsibility and enthusiasm on my part, Poptropican Aid is the only blog I run now. I'm perfectly content with that.
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1 Response to I’m Back

  1. Silver Wolf says:

    Yay! It’s nice to be able to talk to you and read your posts again. 🙂


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